1. Privacy Policy concerns

The Site Publisher endeavours to protect the privacy of the Users by doing its best efforts to comply with the relevant applicable laws. Therefore, the Site Publisher has developed a “Privacy Policy”. This Privacy Policy is part of the “Terms of Use and aims at informing the Users of the policy to which the Site Publisher commits itself in order to protect their Personal Data. This policy describes how the Site Publisher may collect, record and process Personal Data related to the Users, upon consultation or registration by the Users on the Site.

2. Processing Personal Data

The Site Publisher undertakes to make its best efforts so that Your Personal Data :

3. Privacy Policy Contact

any question related to the Site Publisher Privacy Policy , please contact : DYXO SAS, 40 rue des pommiers, 93500, Pantin, France

Or by e-mail:

The Personal Data that You will access will be on a personal and confidential basis. Therefore, and in order to process with Your request, You will be asked to communicate the information necessary for Your identification, i.e. a written testimony evidencing that You are the owner of the said Personal Data as well as a photocopy of an ID document.

4. Collecting and using Personal Data

When You visit the Site, You may provide the Site Publisher with some Personal Data, in order to fulfil an information request, and improve the awareness of Your needs, as well as to consult the services offered by the Site.

4.1. Personal data Registration

In compliance with the applicable laws, the Personal Data requested which are non optional to the Site Publisher, and potentially to the Companies in the Group and/or their partners, will be identified as such. The other Personal Data requested, and which are optional, are asked in order to know You better, and therefore to provide better services , albeit guaranteeing the safeguard of such Personal Data. With Your express consent, the Site Publisher may share Your Personal Data with other Companies in the Group or their partners. If You are a customer of the Site Publisher and/or of the Companies in the Group and, unless You opposed it (as provided for in Article 6 hereinafter), the Site Publisher may send information to You, by post and/or by e-mail, including newsletters (hereafter “Newsletter”). This information may concern the Products and Services proposed by the Site Publisher and, subject to Your approval, Products or Services available from the Companies in the Group. For further information concerning the cancellation of subscription to the Newsletter, please refer to article 6 hereinafter.

4.2. Cookies

Upon Your visit, the Site Publisher may insert a “cookie” in Your computer. A “cookie” allows to register information concerning Your visit on the Site (pages visited, date and time of the consultation, etc.), that the Site Publisher may read on Your following visit, but that does not enable it to identify You directly. Thus, the information You provide to the Site Publisher when filling a form will not be requested from You again.

5. Communication of Personal Data

Under no circumstances shall the Site Publisher share or disclose Your Personal Data, except in the following cases:

6. Right of opposition

In compliance with the applicable laws, You have a Right of Opposition which can be exercised by contacting, at any time, Privacy Policy Contact as provided for in article 3.

6.1. Newsletter

To cancel you subscription to the Newsletter, the Right of Opposition may also be exercised by clicking on the link at the bottom of the Newsletter: “Should You do not wish to receive any further Newsletter, click here. Caution: these requests are only processed once You have received a confirmation message. In case you do not receive this message, please send an e-mail to the following address:, mentioning the e-mail address to cancel. This request is processed automatically by a robot, and e-mail confirming the cancellation is sent once the request has been processed, mentioning the cancelled address. If You have expressed Your opposition to receiving Newsletters, even if You are a customer of the Site Publisher, You will no longer receive Newsletters except if You make a formal request. The Newsletters are managed independently by the Companies in the Group, so please express Your opposition to each of the other Companies in the Group if You no more wish to receive the Newsletters or equivalent from them.

6.2. Cookies

You can to turn off cookies on Your computer by setting your browser.

7. Accessing, amending and deleting Personal data

The Site Publisher informs You that You have the right to access, amend and delete all Your Personal Data, which have been collected as part of Your registration or consultation of the Services or Information provided by the Site Publisher. As such, You may at any time contact the Privacy Policy Contact as provided for in article 3 above.

8. Storage of Personal Data

The Site Publisher makes its best efforts to process and store Your Personal Data in compliance with the Privacy Policy concerns. As such, the Site Publisher defines a storage period depending on the nature of Personal Data collected and the purpose of their collection.

8.1. Personal Data update

If Your Personal Data are not updated by You, they will be automatically deleted from the database of the Site Publisher 6 months after the date of their latest update, or if no update has occurred 6 months after Your date of registration. Concerning the Personal Data collected through application forms, the Site Publisher informs You these Personal Data will be manually/automatically deleted 6 months from the date of Your registration. Do not hesitate to register again once the delay has expired, in order to be sure that the Site Publisher is aware of Your profile in the event of a new offer.

8.2. Cookies

This information is stored in Your computer for 30 days.

9. Security

The Site Publisher makes its best efforts to protect Your Personal Data against any sort of damage, loss, misappropriation, intrusion, divulgation, alteration or destruction.

The Site Publisher’s employees who, due to their position, may have access to Your Personal Data, are sworn to the utmost confidentiality in this respect.