How long will it take me before I can get a link to share to the candidates ?

Less than 15 minutes, just the time needed for you to customize the look and feel of the page and to create the questions form !

How does the pricing work ?

The first 15 days, Selecteev does not prove its full value. Then, it’s on us, you get Selecteev with full features for free.

On your second month, Selecteev starts saving you a lot of time and improves the selection of startups.

The plan you have chosen then kicks-in and you will be charged per month, and will be able to stop anytime.

How is your pricing so attractive compared to competitors ?

We aim for high volume. The plans come with different levels of support - higher plans include quicker support (email, chat or phone depending on the plan you are on.)

Can I download my data ?

Yes, one click export as CSV and you’re done !

What data are included in the dashboard ?

You automatically get :

  • The daily number of applications opened;
  • The repartition of the status of your applications;
  • A graph for each closed (eg : answer is not words) question.

How can I sort the submissions?

You can sort them by status, grade, date of creation of the application, date of udpate, or with the advanced filtering feature you can sort by any of the closed-ended questions that you have asked.

Can I send messages to a candidate ?

Yes, directly through the plateform so other evaluators and admin can follow the discussion if necessary.

Can I invite several evaluators at the same time?

Yes, just update a CSV list of emails !

What do evaluators see?

Only the applications they’ve been assigned to. They don’t get to see the other evaluators' grades on each application, to avoid bias.

How is the average for each application calculated?

It is an average weighted by the weight you have given to each item.

How do I stop paying?

You simply deactivate the platform on your account.

What happens then?

You can still access the platform as an administrator and extract your data.

Yet, no one can apply anymore and the evaluators and viewers will lose their accesses.

What do you do with my data?

The data is yours, so we do basically nothing with it. Check our privacy policy to know more.

How do i get startups to apply on Selecteev ?

Once your form is ready, you just have to share the link with all your community, through every channel you can think of : Twitter, Facebook, emails, Google Ads, Linkedin...

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